Wednesday, November 7, 2007

PLR Cash Course - How To Make A Fortune with PLR (4)

Private Label Rights and Mailing Lists

Having a mailing list is a great way to make a lot of money. The problem is that it can take awhile to build one and once you have one you have to keep the people that are on the list, happy.

Here again, acquiring PLR products comes into play. You can find so many great products out there, that you can use to build your mailing list.

You can even take a product and improve it a great deal. That will make it a lot more appealing to the people that will join your list, just for the product.

Maybe, if the product is a little vague, go into things in more detail or explain it better. It won't be that much work, but it will add a lot more quality to it.

There is always the debate. Should I give away the product, in order to, build my list? Should I sell the product and build the list at the same time and risk not getting as many subscribers?

There's some compelling arguments for both. The main reason that I don't like giving it away for free is because I don't want a bunch of freebie seekers that will never pay for any information.

If you've got a list of people that have bought from you in the past. You can't beat that. Once you have broken down that barrier and they trust you, that is huge.

They have proven that they will reach into their wallet for you and that is the first and most important step towards being a repeat customer. Most people never get past that first, crucial step, so when they do, it's huge.

Plus, you make money from the sales. It's always good to see money coming into your account, especially if a person is just starting out. That really helps to build confidence.

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